Start Your Car Remotely with Compustar

When the weather is cold, starting your car remotely can save you time and keep you comfortable. Think of the effort one must spend deicing windows, defogging windows, and heating the interior to a reasonable temperature.

You can beat these winter weather hassles with a remote car starter system.

A remote car starting system can also assist those of us who can be a bit absent minded, by giving us the peace of mind that
our doors are locked. Even when you are out of range of a factory-made remote door locker (a fob), a Compustar remote starter will be able to lock the doors and ensure the safety of your possessions.

At Hurley’s Auto Audio, we often recommend Compustar to customers who wish to install a remote starter system into their vehicle. We can help you choose which remote starter is right for you, and then we can install it into your car. And, if you need technical services after installation is complete, we are always here in the local DMV area to assist you in person with any needed advice or repairs.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend Compustar remote starters to our customers:

Compustar Products Can Be Installed in Many Vehicle Types

Keep in mind that not every remote starter will work with every type of car. Between the expertise of Hurley’s technicians and the range of Compustar products, you will be able to get the remote starter system that works on your vehicle.

Professional Installation of Remote Car Starters Is Essential

Due to the complexities of installing a remote car starter safely and effectively, it is unwise to try to do it yourself or go to a nonexpert. Hurley’s specialists have training and experience in how to properly install Compustar car starters in all the different makes and models of cars.

Compustar Products Have a Long Remote Range

An ordinary fob gives you a range of at most 100 feet. Other companies sell remote starters that have ranges that offer little more than that. Compustar remote starters offer an incredibly long range – up to a mile.
You Can Use Your Smartphone as a Remote Starter with Compustar
If you want to use your smartphone as a remote starter, you can – if you choose Compustar.