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In addition to standard installations and repairs, Hurley also provides custom designs and configurations. No requirement is too complex or challenging-for the past 40 years, we’ve built our solid reputation by turning obstacles into opportunities for acoustic excellence. We sell and install industry-leading brands for; Audio, Video, GPS Navigation & Tracking, Security Systems, iPods & Bluetooth, Innovative Safety Devices, Radar Detectors, Back-up Systems, & OEM replacements. Our team of skilled, reliable technicians will expertly outfit your vehicle to your specifications. We take great pride in our work, and our passion shines through in every project we take on.

  • Audio & Video Systems
  • iPod & Bluetooth
  • Custom Designs
  • GPS Navigation & Tracking
  • Safety Systems
  • Quality Repairs
  • Security System
  • Radar Detectors
  • OEM Integration


Why choose Hurley’s Auto Audio?

Unique and luxury vehicles require premier products and services. You can trust Hurley Auto Audio to complete your installation, upgrade, or repair with meticulous precision and proven expertise. Our team of skilled technicians has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Although we have the most experience in high-end cars, every vehicle is treated with the same level of attention and respect.


At Hurley’s, car audio is still our focus, and we know it inside and out. Every member of our seasoned staff has the knowledge and creativity to assist you in designing a custom stereo system to meet your needs. Whatever your preferred music style-pop, rock, jazz, easy listening, or country – our state-of-the-art audio products and professional installation services will provide a soundtrack for the open road. And for drivers who prefer a little extra pulse, we can install added bass for extra low end.

Our primary lines of audio equipment for radios and radios with video and/or navigation is Pioneer.


Get more smiles per gallon with our mobile video service. Our diverse selection of in-dash, overhead, and portable car video players makes it easy to take your favorite shows on the go. Our primary lines of video equipment is Audiovox and Vizualogic. We install Advent from Voxx & Vizualogic from TMI Headrest Video systems (Compare with Audiovox).

Vizualogic creates custom headrest monitor applications to match the original shape, color, stitching, and grain pattern of your vehicle. All PerfectMatch® headrests are pre-assembled, with the monitors hard-wired and flush-mounted to eliminate the need for cutting and minimize the risk of human error. Custom headrests can be created upon request.

  • 9,000 vehicle-specific options available
  • 7″ widescreen (16:9) format
  • 4-tilt headrest positioning
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Combination monitor/DVD players for simultaneous or independent viewing of movies and games
  • Ceiling mount monitors from 7″ to 25″
  • Custom tailgate video systems 32″ up


GPS Navigation & Tracking

Enjoy peace of mind while traveling – whether it’s across town or cross-country – with a reliable GPS navigation system. Our wireless communication solutions give you instant access to the relevant, timely information and guidance you need to ensure smooth arrival at your destination. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or both, a GPS tracking system will enable safer, more productive commutes. Touchscreen controls give you access to pre-loaded maps and local points of interest along your route. Many GPS navigators include MP3 playback, Bluetooth capability, voice prompts, and additional options.

Our primary lines of GPS navigation & tracking are Garmin, Pioneer, and Aercept. The offer the best in GPS Navigation in the DC area, so it’s time to get your high end car equipped with a GPS Nav today.

Security Systems

With car-jackings and break-ins on the rise, it’s essential that you protect your vehicle – and the valuables inside it – with a reliable alarm system. An international leader in automotive security systems, Magnadyne Marksman offers a range of wireless products, mobile video, and high-performance car audio products. In addition to ensuring your peace of mind, you may even enjoy lower insurance rates.

An alarm is an electronic device that is installed in a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle to discourage theft of the vehicle, its contents, or both. In the event that someone attempts a forced entry into your car, an alarm will emit high-volume sounds and/or trigger flashing lights. Some alarms even include a paging system that will notify you of a break-in, and other high-tech versions are designed to prevent the engine from starting. Any combination of these features helps to guard against vehicle theft.

Our primary line of security systems is Magnadyne, which is the equivalent to Viper, Python, and Automate.

iPod & Bluetooth

Today’s electronics users are more mobile than ever, requiring “on demand” information on the go. Bluetooth wireless devices make it easy and convenient to stay connected. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel – without cumbersome cables – by using a wireless car kit.

We offer seamless installation of Bluetooth technology in your Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Audi high end vehicles.

With a Bluetooth stereo adapter, you can connect your iPod or MP3 players to your car’s audio system and take your music on the open road. Our primary lines for iPod & Bluetooth installations are Dension, Dice, Parrot, NavTV, Mobridge, Incartronics, and Argos.

OEM Integration

Today’s factory radios are loaded with convenient amenities for enjoyable driving, including steering wheel controls, cell phone interfaces, and in-dash navigation. However, these standard features can make it difficult to install upgrades. To address this issue, many of today’s AudioControl processors are designed to integrate with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) stereo components. Speaker level inputs and line output converters allow you to add after-market amplifiers and processors, improving performance without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics.

For special needs clients and situations, while others say it can’t be done… we’re happy to quote you a price. Our primary lines for OEM Integration are Densioin, Soundgate, NavTV, Mobridge, Incartronics, and Argos.

Safety Systems

With more than 6 million car accidents occurring each year, it’s important that drivers take measures to protect themselves and others on the road. Hurley’s offers several advanced solutions to promote driving safety:

  • LoJack theft recovery. 90% Recovery rate in the US.
  • CalAmp vehicle tracking systems that use the Verizon network.
  • safeTRAC is an onboard electronic warning system that prevents driver drowsiness or distraction, a leading cause of car crashes.
  • GuidPoint Systems offers basic theft recovery, mobile service aid, vehicle tracking, and driver support.
  • Sonar parking sensors offer audible guidance, with a constant beep at a six-inch proximity. Installed on the bumper, they are painted to ensure a perfect match with factory components.
  • Sleek back-up cameras are seamlessly integrated in rear bumpers or grilles. These cameras are activated when you shift into reverse, giving you a wide-angle rear view when backing up. The infrared model is equipped with night vision mode during poor lighting conditions.

Our excellent quality back-up sensors and back-up cameras are factory-direct from China.

Radar Detectors

Leave your worries at the curb with a radar and laser protection system. We install AL Priority radar detectors, which are truly the finest money can buy and help prevent speeding tickets.

We also offer stealth installation of the Escort radar systems. Or choose stealth installation of front and rear Laser diffuser systems, giving you complete coverage in any “spirited driving” mode.

Install an Escort radar detector in your Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, or other high end vehicle.

Custom Designs

For us, custom installations are the most exciting aspect of car audio. This is where we blend our creativity and technical skills to transform your car stereo into a mobile masterpiece of color and contour. The cost for custom work varies widely, depending on the level of sophistication. We can handle everything from a pair of custom kick panels to a full-blown, competition-winning installation. Contact us to get a quote for your custom audio project.

One custom example, we boast to be the only shop for 200 miles around that can “successfully” install a BMW Remote Start. The 200 miles may not be accurate, but it certainly sounds good when we say it.


If it’s broken, Hurley’s Auto Audio can make it right again. We provide thorough, precise repair services for a range of car audio components, including OEM navigation and head units, after-market head units, CD changers, and amplifiers. All service work is guaranteed. We repair all brands of car audio and navigation equipment.

Vehicles We Service

Below is a list of the common vehicle types we service. Don’t see yours? Not to worry – we perform custom audio installations on any car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. We are the “go to” shop for custom installations. While others turn away business, we’re always looking for new challenges. Our diverse projects have included custom work for the Virginia Department of Transportation, several Washington D.C. Government agencies, and many prestigious companies.



For your convenience, we offer pick-up and drop-off service from the following areas; Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun county. Hourly rates may apply.

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