Mosconi High-End Amplifiers Bring Music to the Streets

Mosconi is an Italian maker of high-end amps for the automotive market. The company is committed to bringing perfectly projected music to the streets of the world.

Mosconi was founded by Ivan Mosconi in 2008, in a locale near the eastern coast of Italy. Ivan Mosconi brings his passion for electronics and sound to every Mosconi amplifier and product. Although the company is only less than a decade old, it has already become world renowned for its quality of products and commitment to music lovers.

Do you want the highest quality of sound to stream forth from your vehicle? Mosconi is the company that delivers what drivers and music lovers crave more than anything else – sound. Lots and lots of sound.

Amplifiers, Your Vehicle, and You

You don’t want to be the quietest car on the road, right? Not even close to it, right? Let’s work to amp things up a bit.
Mosconi amplifiers are an excellent choice for your high-end car. The company’s products are highly prized for their excellence in design, manufacture, and overall aesthetics.

Plus, Mosconi amps are commonly found installed in all types of high-end cars in America. You can join the ranks of people in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area who are enjoying a great life, while on the road to any destination.

Hurley’s Auto Audio Installs Mosconi Amps

Hurley’s Auto Audio has many years of experience in installing amps into high-end vehicles. We install Mosconi amplifiers to create a music experience like no other.

Note that Hurley’s also offers repair services for a wide range of products, including amplifiers. If your amp is not working correctly for any reason, come into Hurley’s. Our expert technicians will diagnose the problem and let you know what your best option is – repair or replacement. Either way, we’ll help you keep the music going, whatever you’re hankering to listen to, and wherever you are.