CalAmp GPS Navigation and LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Get where you want to go, and get there safely. Hurley’s Auto Audio sells and installs GPS navigation systems and stolen vehicle recovery systems. Two of the best brands on the market for these systems are CalAmp and LoJack. Simply walk into our shop and ask us about GPS navigation or stolen vehicle recovery systems. We can show you the systems and install them into your premium vehicle.

CalAmp GPS Navigation

CalAmp offers navigation and tracking devices that are some of the best on the market. Whether you own a single, high-end vehicle or an entire fleet, you can always know where a vehicle is, and where it’s going, with CalAmp.

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery

LoJack stolen vehicle recovery gives you peace of mind that no matter where your vehicle is, you will always know its speed and location. LoJack also sends you early warning alerts if your vehicle has been moved without authorization.