Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Hurley’s Auto Audio installs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into premium vehicles. This important service ensures that iPhone and Android users can use their devices safely while driving. Control your device through your car’s built-in display and by voice. Our expert technicians will make sure that you can use your device’s many important features, including GPS navigation, making phone calls, sending and receiving messages, and listening to music – all while paying attention to your driving.

About Apple CarPlay

Using your iPhone in the car is safer and easier with Apple CarPlay. Whatever you want to do with your iPhone – talk on the phone, send and receive messages, get directions to where you want to go, and listen to your music playlist – you can do while staying focused on the road. CarPlay lets you use Siri voice control. It also lets you use the knobs and buttons that already exist in your car.

About Android Auto

Android Auto is now available for a wide variety of car makes and models. It allows you to use your Android device safely and easily while driving. Android Auto features voice control, and it integrates into the buttons, knobs, and screens that already exist in your car. Just when you need it most, information appears on your screen in simple cards. The cards tell you things like where to turn next, who just sent you a message, and more.