Hurley's has expert knowledge on the latest trends and gadgets. The entire team is passionate about their work and have taken care of my vehicles for years.
Richard Kay
Potomac, MD
These guys are the best! They know car electronics like no other. First class work at market prices. Thanks Gary and your team for taking care of my automotive audio needs for over 4 years and counting!
Peter F.
Radar Detector Installation Pros!!! Great job. Got it done in like 30-minutes...and now drive the Porsche-911 the way it's supposed to be driven. Thumbs up
Charles E.
Top quality service. Price was lower than 3 competitors I checked. I had a backup camera and sensors installed. You would never know the vehicle didn't come from the factory with the equipment already there.
Rob K.
Needed a new navigation system after the PCM system in my Porsche went dead. These guys were knowledgable, helpful and even when they hit a snag, they didn't give up. Gave me an upgraded radio and charged less labor despite working longer than expected. I do recommend them a ton!
David N.
Hurley's installed a passive keyless entry and keyless start system in my car that I bought online (I confirmed that they could install it before I bought it), and I had a great experience. I called around town, and this was one of the only places that would install something they did't sell. I just handed over the system, told them how I wanted it configured, and they took care of everything for a great price. All of the staff that I talked to was knowledgeable and very friendly. They even offered me a ride around the corner to where I work when I dropped off my car. All in all, I couldn't have asked for better.
Max K.
Hurley’s is truly a life saver at the eleventh hour! Prepare yourself, for this is a long story. On March 11th, I purchased a pre-owned Volvo XC90 from a local dealership that was equipped with factory bluetooth stereo, navigation, parking sensors, backup camera, and a back seat DVD entertainment system. None of these were operational at the time of the test drive, but I was reassured by word of the salesman and manager that this would be fixed by an onsite specialist. A signed form stating that this repair was owed to me further solidified my desire to hold on to such a rare find in the XC90 AutoTrader listings. I drove off the lot with my new found Volvo without a second thought and assumed that it would be made whole promptly. I assumed wrong. I was SO wrong! This dealer onsite specialist turned out to be the owner of another auto audio business. Since I had already been in talks with a local imports repair shop that suggested replacing the Infotainment Control Module (ICM) with a rebuilt factory unit, this specialist was fine with me going that route. His main concern was the installation of a third-party stereo rendering the OEM features useless…which is totally understandable. With the additional blessing of the dealership’s reimbursement approval of the part and labor cost ($525 total), I just knew I was on the right track. After a waiting a week for the part to arrive, I was dumbfounded to discover that it did not fix the issue. The imports repair shop put up the white flag, kindly refunded my money, and suggested a Volvo dealership. Upon getting to the Volvo dealer, they of course ran a diagnostic and recommended a brand new ICM and control panel at close to $2K! The best part is that they couldn’t guarantee that this would fix the issue! WTF?! Since my lineage is in no way connected to Warren Buffet, I was back at square one in early April and calling up the original dealership for help. Fun times. The strangest part of this situation is that the entire system did come on three separate times whenever the front passenger tire would hit a pothole or bump. This seemed promising, for it meant that it could have been a bad solder connection. However, the hard part was having to thoroughly examine my XC90 to find this weak link. Surprisingly, the original audio specialist from the original dealer was (according to the used car manager) “too scared” to take on my Volvo and deemed it “unfixable”. This was when the manager declared that he was “stuck” and didn’t know what to do, for the expense of the Volvo dealer option was simply too much to ask. As if I had cleaned out a bowl of three bean chili, I promptly lost my s*** over the phone. Could I have handled the matter better without doing the repair legwork and paying diagnostic fees totaling $345? Yes. But what can I say…I was in love with my new XC90 and the honeymoon period was strong in the first couple weeks. After exhausting all I could do on my end, it seemed like I was going to be stuck with a bungled car. My impression of that original dealer was instantly destroyed…but one way or the other, my vehicle STILL needed to be made whole according to the signed agreement! Even though the used car manager and his specialist were ready to deem my Volvo “unfixable” and leave me hanging, the salesman suddenly came through with a referral to another auto audio specialist: Hurley’s. With this as my last resort (along with confirmation that I’d have to pay nothing), I called Hurley’s to set up my appointment. Gary’s positive demeanor and willingness to take on what seemed to be a hopeless case was the light at the end of a most treacherous tunnel. Within 1.5 hours of my car going in to the repair bay as I sat in the waiting area, I could hear the staff in the garage celebrating as a vehicle started up with classical music blasting. THAT WAS MY CAR! MY VOLVO WAS ALIVE AGAIN!! I further confirmed this when I looked at my Note 8 phone and saw that it was wirelessly connected once again to the Volvo stereo! It was at that moment when I screamed aloud, “HOLY S***!” from the waiting area. When I was taken to the work area and shown the details of how the short in the wiring was resolved, it took all I had to fight back tears. Just when the first dealership was ready to give up, Hurley’s showed up to save the day! The fact that Gary and his staff kept me laughing in the waiting area further proves that not all is daunting and cutthroat in business. They run a trustworthy operation with an upfront atmosphere of humility, humor, and professionalism enhanced by the staff’s collective experience in the industry! Though that original dealership experience was the worst I ever had in purchasing a car, Hurley’s came along and brought closure in the best way possible. To Gary and his staff, I shall be forever grateful!
Trent -Springfield
I took my car here for a replacement stereo in my '03 Highlander. Here are the highlights: 1) Gary talked over prices and gave me a great deal, 2) it only took 2.5 hours, 3) the guy in the garage (Randy?) was great and clean with my car's interior, and 4) Randy(?) explained how to use the new unit. I would definitely go back and have already recommended a friend check them out.
I had Hurley’s Auto Audio install my radar system into my new vehicle. I appreciated the installers took the time to speak with me and understand what I was looking for. Additionally, they were extremely flexible as I added on additional equipment and sensors. Their work was professional, efficient, and priced competitively. Highly recommend this shop for you electronic/audio /detailing needs. Thanks Gary and the Hurley’s installers for the professional work.