Mr. Kim’s Lexus GX570

Today we put the final touches on Mr. Kim’s Lexus GX570. This vehicle is equipped with our Passport 9500ci, train horns, light bar, Nav in-motion unlock, and yellow fog light tint film.

The Passport radar detector system is a top of the line, undetectable unit, which includes a front radar detector, dual front laser shifters and a rear laser shifter. Mr. Kim chose to have his radar display located in the lip of his gauge cluster.
Rear view shows how discreet the rear laser shifter is on this vehicle.
close up shot of the rear laser shifter mounted on the license plate bracket.
Shot of the front end shows the fog light tint, and the light bar and passport system which are very hard to see.
Close up shot of the fog light tint.
Close up shot of one of the front laser shifters.
Close up shot of the light bar and front radar sensor.
Front end with light bar off.
Front end with light bar on.
Shot of the radar display in his gauge cluster.