Brand New Scion FR-S for Keyless Entry and Escort 9500ci

Larry has the first Scion FR-S to come to Virginia and he brought his new vehicle to us for a Passport Escort 9500ci concealed radar detection system. This is Scions latest vehicle made in conjunction of Toyota and Subaru. Here in the states we are receiving the Scion FR-S, which is Larry’s vehicle, and the Subaru BRZ, which I actually just bought a few weeks ago. Larry was lucky enough to have one of the first of its kind here in the US and after researching online and with talking with other enthusiasts he decided to trust his new vehicle with us.
Larry brought his own key-less access and alarm system for us to install as well as purchasing a Passport Escort 9500ci concealed radar detection system. Both of these units work great despite us having very few resources to research information due to the age and rarity of this vehicle.

Beautiful new Scion FR-S

This picture shows where we custom mounted the front laser diffusers sitting flush with the grille.

This picture shows the rear laser diffuser mounted to the license plate frame bracket.

This picture shows the radar detector display mounted at the base of the headliner above the rear view mirror.

This picture shows the radar detectors control interface mounted behind the shifter.

This picture shows the key-less start turn key, eliminating the need for keys.

Another picture of the radar control interface, this time with the key-less entry car sitting behind it.