They Said It – Rockford Fosgate Provides “Car Audio for Fanatics!”

You’re not a fanatic, are you? Well, maybe about your music you are – especially your music on the road. And that’s perfectly okay . . . because here are Hurley’s Auto Audio, we’re fanatics about car audio, too!

Rockford Fosgate has been in the car audio system business for more than four decades. Founded by Jim Fosgate in his Arizona garage, the company now serves music lovers across the country, and around the world.

The company focuses on high performance in the world of car audio systems. Do you want amps, speakers, and subwoofers that harness thousands of watts of power? That’s a lot of watts, folks. If that sounds awesome to you . . . you may just be a fanatic, like us!

Rockford Fosgate and Your Car’s Music System

How can the installation of Rockford Fosgate audio technology improve the quality of your music experience on the road? That’s easy. If you’re a sound fanatic, you’ve got to get the best in sound. Otherwise, what’s the point of traveling somewhere?

Here are some of the devices we regularly install in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland cars and trucks:

  • Rockford Fosgate amplifiers
  • Rockford Fosgate speakers
  • Rockford Fosgate enclosures
  • Rockford Fosgate subwoofers
  • Rockford Fosgate accessories

Hurley’s Auto Audio and the Best in Music Performance

Like you, we love listening to music while driving. And, like you, we know that not all audio systems were created alike.

Talk to your Hurley’s technician about how you can get the best in car audio from a Rockford Fosgate product installation.