Rear Seat Entertainment Doesn’t Get Better than Rosen

Going on a long car trip? Don’t let your back seat passengers get bored! Rear seat entertainment ensures that movies, games, and more are only a click away, even though you’re speeding across the country, miles away from your home TV set and gaming system.

Every Rosen rear seat entertainment system has a high resolution LCD display with touch screen control. When you purchase your rear seat entertainment system from Hurley’s Auto Audio, your technician will install your new system in headrests that perfectly match your car interior’s style.

Features of the Rosen Rear Seat Entertainment System

Get great features such as these when you purchase your Rosen rear seat entertainment system from Hurley’s:

  • Screens that tilt to a comfortable angle
  • HDMI inputs you can connect your smartphone
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Front seat remote controls
  • Auxiliary inputs for devices such as videogame consoles
  • Headsets that fold flat for easy storage
  • Compatibility with DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and more
  • A media FM transmitter so you can share media between displays

Benefits of the Rosen Rear Seat Entertainment System

Road trips will never be more fun for your kids and their friends. If you are tired of children – or adults! – whining about how bored they are, and asking if you’re there yet, you’ll never have to worry about this problem again.

But even if there is no whining and complaining in your family, why not make an uncomfortable trip more comfortable and fun? Modern technology’s great – let’s use it to its fullest. Talk to a Hurley’s specialist about installing an entertainment system in the headrests of your vehicle.