Range Rover for Radar Detector

On this customers Range Rover we installed a Passport 9500ci concealed radar detector system. This unit includes GPS satellites for warning of known speed traps, speed and red light cameras. It also includes dual front laser shifters, front radar detection, and a rear laser shifter.

Rear laser shifter is barely noticeable from a few feet away.

Close up shot of the rear laser shifter, located on the bottom of the license plate bracket.

Shot of the front end of the vehicle. The front radar sensor is hidden inside the bumper while the laser shifters are located in the bumper recess between the fog lights.

Close up of one of the laser shifters.

Two front laser shifters located on either side of the license plate between the fog lights.

Close up of the display and control buttons mounted to the right of the gauge cluster.

Further back shot of the display and control module.