Radio Signals and Digital Music from Kenwood Receivers

For the best in transforming transmitted signals and digitized content into music for your ears, discover the beauty of Kenwood.
Kenwood car entertainment is built to satisfy your senses and to last for years and years with no diminishment in quality. The company has been serving commercial and government clients for decades, and they know how to ensure that all products meet quality standards.

From radio signals to digital music, you need a Kenwood receiver to make sure that you have access to the tunes you love while on the road.

A Kenwood Receiver Brings a Stereo System to Your Car or Truck

What is a Kenwood receiver? It is a multiuse device that’s easy to use and fun for family, friends, and associates alike.
It receives radio broadcast signals and sends them to your vehicle’s speaker system. And unlike most radio receivers, it works with a wide variety of applications, including Pandora, iHeartRADI, SiriusXM, and much more.

Kenwood car receivers also connect to your iPod, MP3 player, iPhone, Android phone, other smart phone, and more through wireless Bluetooth technology. Any tunes on your mobile device can easily be transmitted through your car or truck’s speaker system.

Extra Benefits of Kenwood Receivers

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. Check out these little but very cool things about Kenwood receivers:

  • Kenwood receivers have an LED display with settings that allow a change of color. You can match your receiver to your other displays – or anything else in your car.
  • The volume button is large and accessible enough to use while driving without causing a distraction. The other controls are user friendly, too.
  • The receiver minimizes road noise by automatically boosting some sounds and diminishing others. This makes the music sound more natural.
  • 13 bands of equalization mean that you can get detailed tuning. This is huge for improving your sound quality control.

Hurley’s Auto Audio is available to install a Kenwood Receiver into your vehicle.