noPhoto Stops Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras Can’t See Your License Plate

There you are, driving along, not even speeding and suddenly you remember that the road you’re traveling on has a speed trap. For a second you panic, slam on the brakes, even. Moments like this can make a hectic day feel even more stressful. But wouldn’t it be nice to be invisible to those speed cameras? Well, we can’t offer you an Invisibility Cloak (yet), but we can install on your vehicle the next best thing: a subtle, legal technology that uses Xenon Light and only light to prevent cameras of all kinds from snapping your license plate. The license plate will be completely visible in every other way, violating no state laws. Take noPhoto up on their offer of a ticket-free guarantee with every purchase.

I NEVER Speed, So How Can This Help Me?

noPhoto will protect your privacy and security. Many speed cameras record continuously, loading information on all vehicles into a private monster database that is subject to no legal regulation. Your vehicle information, location, date and time are all out there for the camera manufacturer to use anyway it wants to. That is, unless you have a noPhoto device installed.

Also, noPhoto will protect you by jamming the cameras of individuals and organizations who may be gathering information for any purposes.