Microwave-Based Blind Spot Detectors (OEM Quality)

Change Lanes without Anxiety and Avoid Bad Drivers

Do you feel like you’re taking a leap of faith every time you change lanes on the highway? Ever since Driver’s Ed., you’ve known about the blind spots running along your car doors. A miscalculation can mean instant disaster. But what if microwave-based sensors attached to your vehicle could alert you when another car is too close for comfort? Now you can have an extra layer of safety when you venture onto the road. We now carry OEM-quality microwave-based blind spot detectors that calmly alert you with a sound or vibration when another vehicle is in your blind spot or drifts into your lane. Great for new drivers who haven’t yet learned how to gauge that perfect moment for a lane change.

Park and Un-park with Ease

Microwave-based blind spot detectors also attach to the rear of your vehicle, working with the side sensors to help you parallel park without all the guesswork. The sensors help you neatly guide your car into a spot with the right amount of room. These detectors are perfect for larger vehicles like SUVs, vans and trucks. You’ll have peace of mind when you back out into the parking lot that no other cars, pedestrians or immobile objects will get close to your vehicle without you knowing about it.
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