Driving Freedom Is Yours with Stinger Radar Detectors

Technology is always advancing. So beat it, and don’t let it beat you. When you have a set of Stinger radar detectors installed on your vehicle, you can be confident that you’ve got the best detection system out there. Stinger Radar USA, a family-owned business based in Idaho, specializes in the most advanced radar technologies available.

How Does Stinger Keep Up with Modern Technology?

Stinger engineers are part of the Stinger Radar USA family. They do not outsource their engineers. Instead, they hire the brightest and best to help the company continually improve the quality of their radar detectors.

Other companies sometimes sell radar detectors that aren’t effective against the most powerful technology on the road today. Stinger radar detectors are different because their engineers are always pushing the limits, staying on top of technological trends and working to ensure that the radar detectors they sell are always the most powerful and effective devices on the market.

One of the most innovative aspects of Stinger radar detectors is the Laser HD Fiber, developed by Stinger engineers.

What Is Laser HD Fiber?

Stinger Laser HD Fiber is the smallest detection commodity for manufacturing radar detectors. The slimness of Laser HD Fiber – only a couple millimeters in diameter – ensures that your vehicle’s radar detectors will be virtually invisible to everyone but you.

Laser HD has separate transmit and receiver eyes to offer American drivers the best possible protection against speed traps.

Get Side and Rear Protection

Hurley’s Auto Audio technicians are available to install a Stinger radar detection system into your car. For the best driving freedom, have Laser HD Fiber detectors installed not just on the front of your vehicle, but also on its sides and rear.