Don’t Shift into Reverse without a Rydeen Back-Up Camera

Today’s technology can prevent many different kinds of mishaps on the road. If only everyone had modern safety technologies installed in their vehicles!

Backing up your vehicle is particularly dangerous. Your car or truck is a massive machine that’s hard to see past when you are craning your neck backwards and peering out of a rear view window that may be dirty, fogged up, icy, tinted, or just plain small. And let’s not even talk about how little your rearview mirror can do for you, when it comes to seeing anything smaller than a golf cart that might be in your way.

Trash cans, garden implements, toys, and even small animals and children have been known to suffer damage and injury due to drivers not being able to see behind them. Luckily, there is a solution: the Rydeen back-up camera.

How Do Backup Cameras Work?

Your Hurley’s Auto Audio technician will install a tiny camera onto the rear bumper or grille of your vehicle. The camera will not be noticeable and it will be securely attached and weather resistant. The technician will also install a video screen to the interior of your car, easily viewable from the driver’s seat.

Thanks to Rydeen Digital Wireless Video Systems, the camera and video screen will communicate through digital wireless technology, and no cords will need to be added to your vehicle to connect the two.

When you shift into reverse, the camera kicks into gear, as well. Without turning around, you will see a wide-angle view of what’s behind your car or truck.

Why Choose a Rydeen Rear View Camera for Your Automobile?

Rydeen is one of the most trusted brands for rear view cameras out there. The company offers a wide variety of back-up cameras and back-up camera options, so you can choose the rear view camera that’s right for you and your vehicle.

Choose the infrared model if you would like a camera that even works during times of low visibility. You can also choose a model that includes not only video but audio, so you can hear something – or someone! – that might be coming.
Stay safe with a Rydeen backup camera installation today.